The Good Wood Gang (GWG) is a rag-tag group of friends of all shapes and sizes from many places across the world that want to teach YOU about the joys of nature!

The GWG live in Goodwood Park in Watford, it’s their home and they love it! It’s where they run wild, go on fantastical adventures, and occasionally get one another’s nerves!


A little boy with a big imagination... follow little Boopie through his amazing adventures where he gets to meet the Good Wood Gang!


A mischievous red squirrel and leader of the GWG (according to her!). She loves to climb trees and look for places to explore.

The Maharaja

A wise, humble figure of royalty from a time bygone. Wafts from the Good Wood to his home in India where he revels in the beauty of the park.


A big, ancient dragon who sleeps in a walled-off area. His snores are LOUD and can be heard a mile away, but he is actually quite soft-spoken and gentle.

The Good Wood Gang are on the lookout for new members so everyone can join in with their fun. That’s why they want to create a special story trail so all would-be members can come along, scan a QR code, watch one of their adventures and see just what it’s like to be in the GWG!