Did you see Harry Winks in Pryzm over the weekend?
This guy tried to expose Harry Winks for going clubbing - it seriously backfired
It's unclear whether there is any truth in the rumours that Harry Winks has courted interest from Barcelona, but the fact that he is being mentioned in the same sentence as the European giants says a lot about his potential.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue were called to the house in Watford and hauled her to safety using ropes after she was sedated.
Dog petrified by fireworks is found stuck between two houses half a mile from home
A dog that was scared by fireworks fled to safety - only to get stuck between a wall and a conservatory half a mile from home.

A tip of the hat to the fabulous baker boy of Watford.
Why Steven is our Great British Bake Off winner
Tonight, the baking enthusiast Steven Carter-Bailey will go head-to-head with former army officer Sophie Faldo and safety inspector Kate Lyon in the 2017 Great British Bake Off final, in a bid to be crowned the first male winner in five years.

Halloween aerobatics!
RSPCA officer uses spoon to rescue bat from couple's light shade - Newsline
Original source for this article can be found by clicking hereOct. 31 (UPI) - A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officer used a spoon to rescue a bat that found its way into a British couple's light shade.

Who is Harrison Jones? The Apprentice 2017 contestant - all you need to know
THE APPRENTICE is back for another year and it's brought with it another batch of delightfully obnoxious candidates. Among the latest intake of 18 ambitious businessmen and women is Harrison ...

This Cute Dog Caused Something to Happen in The Park
A Video shows how a dog caused mayhem but did not get the HUGE RAT.

Dog Spooks Geese to Run and Fly from the Park with Huge Rat
A Video shows how a dog run at Geese in a Park making them vacate in panic and mayhem.

Presenting HRH the Cake King of Watford!
Great British 'Fake Off': Novice show fave Steven's stunning professional cakes REVEALED
CHANNEL 4 / INSTAGRAM Steven has posted photos of his eye-catching creations such as a Minion, SpongeBob Squarepants, a plant pot and flowers, a Chanel handbag, a Marvel-themed bake and purple monster.

Watford's very own Rak-Su leave Nicole Scherzinger dancing in her seat! But, did they get the all important nod? Find out on the X Factor this Saturday.

Very cool stuff!
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