Gang shot wrong man through letterbox
A gang planning a revenge attack shot the wrong man through a letterbox. Shaun Smith suffered leg injuries when the sawn-off shotgun was fired at him in the flat of Ahmed Oke, the intended target, in December 2016.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue were called to the house in Watford and hauled her to safety using ropes after she was sedated.
Dog petrified by fireworks is found stuck between two houses half a mile from home
A dog that was scared by fireworks fled to safety - only to get stuck between a wall and a conservatory half a mile from home.

Abbas Allawi was arrested after a specially trained police dog caught the scent of rhino horn in his home.
Watford man gets 14 months for trying to sell rhino horns and elephant tusks on Instagram
A man from Watford has been jailed for attempting to sell elephant tusks and rhino horns on Instagram. Abbas Allawi, 52, was imprisoned for 14 months for offences relating to the illegal purchase and sale of parts of endangered species.

NEW Two Shot Taser's hit Hertfordshire to be phased across the UK
The X2 will be replacing the current X26 devices, which are being phased out due to forces struggling to find spare parts for the weapons.

Will this alter Population and Council Tax charges ?
Council urges residents to comment on proposed boundary changes.
Woodside would be moved from the Watford constituency to the St Albans constituency. South Oxhey, meanwhile, would be moved from the South West Hertfordshire constituency to the Watford constituency.

Watford Council plans comms drive to support £1.5bn regeneration
Redevelopment projects including an extension to the Metropolitan underground line that encompasses two new stations, improvements to Watford High Street, and a swathe of new homes, mean the area is experiencing significant change.

Halloween aerobatics!
RSPCA officer uses spoon to rescue bat from couple's light shade - Newsline
Original source for this article can be found by clicking hereOct. 31 (UPI) - A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officer used a spoon to rescue a bat that found its way into a British couple's light shade.

The Watford Grammar-educated, married father-of-three is named over allegations of an affair which he has denied.
Who is Grant Shapps and why is he on the Westminster sex dossier?
FORMER Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps is among the 36 MPs named in the Conservative party sex dossier. The list contains the names of MPs accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour but h...

The student becomes the teacher... very interesting.
This School's Mental Health Project Gets Year 12s To Teach Year 7s About Wellbeing
A secondary school is hoping to pave the way for better mental health education, by piloting a project allowing Year 12s to teach Year 7s about their wellbeing.

Red sun phenomenon 'caused by Hurricane Ophelia'
The unusual phenomenon has been seen in the South West, West Midlands, North West and North East.