Michal Siewniak of Watford CVS tells all about his trip to the houses of Parliament with Watford residents.
Trip to the Houses of Parliament - Monday 13 Nov 2017 | Watford CVS
Michal Siewniak, Watford CVS Service Manager said: 'Our visit to the Houses of Parliament was incredible; 'intensive intellectually', informative and educational.

Heartfelt words. Even if you're not sleeping out, do something to support this cause.
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...
'View from the Cole-Face' It's early spring. The sun is out. My P.A., Camilla, and I are in a meeting with New Hope.

Are you taking part in the Big Imagine Sleepout for NewHope Trust?
The Big Imagine Sleepout
New Hope, in partnership with Imagine Property Group, is incredibly excited to announce The Big Imagine Sleepout.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue were called to the house in Watford and hauled her to safety using ropes after she was sedated.
Dog petrified by fireworks is found stuck between two houses half a mile from home
A dog that was scared by fireworks fled to safety - only to get stuck between a wall and a conservatory half a mile from home.


Our exclusive interview with J.R. Milner a living breathing example of true grit and determination.
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Will this alter Population and Council Tax charges ?
Council urges residents to comment on proposed boundary changes.
Woodside would be moved from the Watford constituency to the St Albans constituency. South Oxhey, meanwhile, would be moved from the South West Hertfordshire constituency to the Watford constituency.

Watford Council plans comms drive to support £1.5bn regeneration
Redevelopment projects including an extension to the Metropolitan underground line that encompasses two new stations, improvements to Watford High Street, and a swathe of new homes, mean the area is experiencing significant change.

Did you know that investigative reporter, Guardian writer, BBC presenter and documentary producer Jacques Peretti hails from Watford?
Meet Jacques Peretti: investigative reporter and TV presenter
JACQUES Peretti has been fronting groundbreaking and eye-opening documentaries for a decade. Here's what you need to know about the investigative reporter and filmmaker. Who is Jacques Perett...

Help starts at home #watford.
Anthony Joshua: I want to help kids fight their demons
HEAVYWEIGHT champ Anthony Joshua says his rise to the top of boxing has been all about state of mind - and he wants to help troubled kids learn to share his positive attitude.